The future of eco-friendly 
outdoor advertising.

Banners can be made from several materials according to your needs. The most eco-friendly materials are paper and fully recyclable polyethylene. Paper is an economic option for short campaigns with non-reusable materials. Banners can also be made of pvc-banners, airtex, mesh or bunting.

With led lighting, we can soon offer a fully self-sufficient outdoor advertising option to our environmental conscious customers. We are currently developing a Bannergear system that runs completely on solar or wind power!

The Green Line Bannergear will eliminate all exterior electricity and cables from outdoor banners. The power is received completely from the sun or the wind with up to 98 % reliability. The solar panels are attached unnoticeably on the frame and the wind blades can either be located on the frame or a bit further from the board on the ground.

Any way you look at it, this must be the most eco-friendly way to make an impact!

Bannergearô Green Line has built-in led lightning which runs completely on solar power.

The banners are made from eco-friendly material, so the Bannergearô Green Line is fully self-sufficient outdoor advertising option to environmental conscious customers.

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