The world’s smartest banner concept.

The patented Bannergear system is an innovation by a leading Finnish outdoor marketing production company. It will simply change the outdoor and indoor advertising industry by revolutionizing the way banners are changed!

The secret of Bannergear’s success is a clever wire attachment around the framework. The banner is secured with hoops to the wire and simply winched evenly and firmly in place. All components are located neatly inside the framework.

With Bannergear, images can be changed safely, conveniently and single-handedly from the ground by simply turning the winch. No climbing or extra equipment is needed. What’s best, this only takes a few minutes!

The Bannergear system has been developed and tested to withstand even the most demanding Nordic climate with freezing temperatures and snowstorms. Therefore, we can give the parts in our Bannergear system a one year guarantee.

Cadri Ceylan and Joachim Weckman

Bannergear at a glance

• Patented changing system
• Quick and easy to attach
• Cuts down expenses
• Fully weather-resistant
• 1 year guarantee for parts 

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