Built to look dashing  
in any weather.

The whole Bannergear system including the banners are fully weatherproof. A sturdy back fabric gives it extra protection against wind. Thorough strength and strain tests ensure that the banners are safe and durable. The robust aluminium frame needs no additional supporting structure, so the Bannergear system is both pleasing to the eye and easy to set up. 

We are so certain of the quality of our Bannergear that we give the parts a three year guarantee. To top it up, the frame has an extensive 10 year guarantee against corrosion. 

The Bannergear system has two lighting options; spot lights on the outside or an innovative led lighting system inside the board. Leds attached to rails are an economical and eco-friendly option, as they take considerably less electricity and last longer than other lighting options.


Bannergear at a glance

Modular assembly
Available in any size
Matching frames
Spot or led lights

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