FAQ about Bannergear.  

How long does it take to change banners with Bannergear and is it easy?
-With alittle bit of practice it becomes extremely easy to change banners in roughly five minutes.
Infact, changing Banners is so easy with Bannergear, that many stores and restaurants have their own employees change their advertisements, so no outside labor is needed.

Is Bannergear durable?
-The whole bannergear system including the banners are fully weatherproof. A sturdy back frabric gives it extra protection against wind. Thorough strength and strain tests ensure that the banners are safea nd durable.


What different models of bannergear are available?
-There are four different types of Bannergear available. The Wall Slim, Wall DoubleDeep, Stand Along One-Side, and also the Stand Alone Double-Sided. Super led lighting is available for all models, except for the Wall Slim, and spot lights are available for all models. The additional solar panel can be installed in all models.

What kind of warranties does Bannergear carry?

-Bannergear parts have a three year guarantee, and the frame has an extensive 10 year guarantee against corrosion.

  Is Bannergear environmentally friendly?
Bannergear is environmentally friendly in many different ways.With the bannergear green line the power from the solar panel is used for lighting. The power is received completely from the sun with up to 98% reliability.
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