Our expert distributor services
pave your way.

We have placed a great emphasis on effective and reliable distributor services. We will help you to get started and assist you along the way.

All orders and enquiries are dealt with promptly and in time. We have established an expert logistics chain throughout the ordering process, which ensures that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. You can always contact our experts with advice on different executions or construction details.

To get a real hands-on training and an opportunity to speak to our experts face to face, we are travelling around Europe with the Bannergear Road Show. You can either schedule a private meeting or bring your customers along to see how they would benefit from our innovative outdoor advertising solutions.

We also provide all our distributors with a detailed training video, which gives a full introduction to the Bannergear system, its assembly, image changing and ordering prints. Soon we’ll also have marketing materials and other useful information available for you on our distributor Extranet.

Get in touch to arrange a free presentation on the patented Bannergear system. We’ll come to you anywhere in Europe so you can see for yourself how great Bannergear really is!

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