World's most intelligent poster frame.

•  The patented easy-to-use and exceptionally fast
image changing 
system saves costs.

•  The stylish poster frame is highly representative in
all circumstances 
all year around.

•  Available with supporting structures or wallmounted
option, for indoor 
or outdoor use.

•  The future alternative for impressive outdoor advertising
affecting the environment.

•  New led technology saves energy, by only consuming

•  Extremly good image quality cost effectively for all
types of materials,   
from single to multiple units.


The Brand new Postergear line was succesfully launched at the FESPA 2009 exhibition. It received a lot of attention during the whole exhibition, mainly because of it΄s innovative look and smart design.

Postergear has already made a great impression as the whole Metro/Subway network of Finland is covered with Postergear technology used by JCDecaux.
JCDecaux Finlands CEO Klaus Kuhanen says "Postergear is the newest of product development."  Kuhanen also says, "todays market needs or almost requires innovative solutions because in this economic situation customers increasingly want to differentiate themselves ".

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